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These 1.5g Tropical Cones are packed with oil, liquid diamonds, and kief to bring you THC and terpene-packed joints that'll magically transport your mind, body and spirit to a warm, far-off island.

CREME Tropical Anytime Pineapple BB.png

(HYBRID BLEND) One hit of this Pineapple Tropical Cone will quickly transport you to another realm where everything's running on island time. Reminiscent of a piña colada, this pre-roll is sure to melt away any tension whether you're getting the day started or calling it night.

CREME  Tropical Sunset  Cone BB.png

(INDICA BLEND) Hand-crafted with sweet mango and lavender, these Mango Tropical Cones are ideal for the nighttime. They'll help you drift away into the night sky on Cloud 9, so you can rest deeply and be prepared for a new dawn.

CREME Tropical Sunrise Orange.png

(SATIVA BLEND) A delightfully refreshing blend that tastes of blood oranges. Its effects begin with optimistic thoughts which filter down into the heart and body for a boost of energy that's based in an unshakable centeredness that'll start your morning off just right!


Our hand-made 1.1g pre-rolls are infused with high-quality distillate, high-terpene extracts (AKA real cannabis terpenes  AKA "Liquid Diamonds"), and freshly sifted kief for an experience that will help your mind and body ascend.

Day Crème Cone

(SATIVA BLEND) Pump up the volume and prep for the day with an energetic Day Crème Cone. Packed full of premium cannabis, coated in terpene infused distillate and kief, this joint is sure to provide you with a heady buzz and a boost in mood. Not to mention it touts that delicious Crème flavor, for a creamy smooth smoke that you won’t soon forget.

Peaches & Crème Cone

(PEACH FLAVORED JOINT) Peaches & Crème is a premium joint covered in peach infused hash oil. We pair our fresh cut cannabis with a delectable stone fruit flavor that complements our cannabis for an elevated smoking experience.

Night Crème Cone

(INDICA BLEND) Set the lights low with this relaxing indica joint. True to the Crème namesake, this joint offers a pleasant, mellow flavor with floral aromas and a smooth mouth feel. Kief-coated and packed full of premium cannabis, Night Crème is a powerful sedative sure to leave you feeling like you're sinking into a cloud.

Strawberries & Crème Cone

(STRAWBERRY FLAVORED JOINT) Strawberries & Crème features our premium cannabis covered in an irresistible strawberry hash oil. Enhance your smoking experience and add some flavor to your life. This joint yields a potent mind-mellowing high that will have you relaxed in no time.


Four of our classic infused cones in a convenient 4-pack! (4.4g total)

CREME 4pack All BB.png


Grown mostly from seed-to-sale, our cannabis is trimmed and cured with love. What we don't grow, we curate for the best possible experience in taste, potency, aroma, and phenotype.

Blue Dream -IG.jpg

Blue Dream - Sativa - 24%

CREME Banana Creme Pie BB.png

Banana Crème Pie - Indica - 28%

Melonade - IG.jpg

Melonade - Sativa - 24%

CREME  Dosi Punch BB.png

Dosi Punch - Indica - 28%

CREME Grape Cake BB.png
CREME Grape Sundae BB.png

Grape Sundae - Indica - 26%

Grape Cake - Indica - 32%

Sundae Sherb - IG.jpg

Sundae Sherbert - Indica - 25%

Gelato 41 - IG.jpg

Gelato 41 - Indica - 26%

Bubblegum Gelato-IG.jpg

Bubblegum Gelato - Hybrid - 27%